What is USDE | Using networked-learning process to exchange knowledge

What is USDE? Urban Social Design Experience is a networked-learning project | n-learning |, a professional networking service based on the exchange of knowledge and focused on issues such as participation, collective creation, networking, new technologies, urban culture and social innovation.

USDE is a project using expanded education, or edu-communication (ie the interaction of communication in education), which also acquires special importance to design thinking, the concept of a laboratory as a working space, the process, the dissolution of boundaries between professionals and amateurs, innovation as a knowledge catalyst and using the commons as a research and interface tool.

Urban Social Design Experience is a series of online courses entitled experiences, since they do not intend to produce a simple transmission of knowledge but rather offer the students the opportunity to undergo an expanded educational experience.

Each experience is structured from weekly online group sessions, individual sessions and continuous monitoring of the development and evolution of the participants’ personal project.
Urban Social Design Experience helps you to develop a project or an idea with the support of the courses’ consultants and their personal monitoring. While working throughout this process in network together with the other participants of the experience (networking), projects and ideas are enriched and creating new synergies. Once the projects and ideas developed, USDE gives the participants visibility using various tools such as the Internet, exhibitions, events, workshops and by creating an online profile.

The new edition of Urban Social Design Experience is scheduled for Autumn 2011.  With USDE 2.0 we would like to go beyond the traditional division that usually exists between a teacher and its student, and make the learning process a real networking experience: the milestone is basically to establish and multiply the connections between experts and those interested in the same topics, exploring topics such as learning by flowing, the experiential learning and the professional-amateur.

Under this approach, we seek dynamic experts who want to seize the opportunity to use this methodology in order to disseminate their work and to create their own network. We know that in order to ensure a good expanded education it is important to work with highest quality of experts and professionals. Therefore, we encourage you to write a comment recommending to anyone who might be interested in collaborating with us for this project.

The first session of Urban Social Design Experience, which is now entering its final phase, consists of the following 3 Experiences:

Facilitate the collaborative city
Open innovation in public involvement processes
Consultant: Adolfo Pérez Chautón
Blog of the experience> ciudadcolaborativa.posterous.com

Digital environment and urban learning
The city network as an open educational resource
consultants: Paco González and Enric Senabre Hidalgo
Blog of the experience> urbanedu.posterous.com

Sustainable regeneration of urban centers
Challenges and strategies for intervention in historic districts
Consultant: Andrés Walliser
Blog of the experience> regeneracionurbana.posterous.com


A key aspect of USDE is its relation to the open culture and the concept of commons: the entire contents of the experiences are available free of charge and the online sessions are open to the participation of everyone.

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